Beneficial Effects of Massage Therapy

Massage is the systematic manual application of pressure & movement to the soft tissue of the body-the skin, tendons, ligaments, fascia (the membrane surrounding muscles & muscle groups). It encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood & lymph, relieving tension, stimulating nerves, & stretching & loosening muscles and connective tissue to keep them elastic. […]

10 Healthy Back Tips

Exercise Regularly – This does not have to be anything overly strenuous. Something as simple as a daily walk can make a huge difference. Eat A Healthy Diet – Proper nutrients allow the body to repair itself easier Maintain Good Posture – Are you sitting up straight as you read this? Stretch Your Spine Before […]

Healing Time Schedule (Guideline)

For a general rule of thumb for a healthy recovery remember these normal healing times with out treatment: Muscle & Bone Healing – 4-6 weeks – (i.e. broken wrist | pulled hamstring) Tendon Healing – 3-6 months (i.e. tennis elbow | Achilles tendinitis) Ligament Healing – 6 months – one year  (i.e. badly sprained ankle […]