What to expect at Arvidson Massage Therapy?

That really depends on the techniques that we use for you. If you desire a soft-soothing relaxation massage, then that is exactly what you will experience during the session and feel for a couple of days following the treatment. On the other hand, the various deep tissue techniques that we can use (if you choose) to relieve muscles that have become shortened, contracted and stiff may at times generate varying levels of light pain. Most clients remark, “it hurts so good”.  A deep massage for tight muscles may leave some residual soreness for a couple of days similar to a workout at the gym. But remember to keep it in mind that it’s our main priority to perform a massage that always remains within your comfort zone. When it comes right down to it, the massage will feel just as you desire it to. The level of pressure and depth is always tailored to your liking.

Your confidentiality is assured when using our services.

Your information is private and belongs to you the client. We will not discuss the details of your session with others, nor will we mention your name.

Sanitation is an important aspect of our practice.

All linens and towels are only used once per client.  We are confident you’ll agree that the linens we will use for your session will smell clean, look clean, and feel clean & soft.  Also, our massage tables and chair are “religiously” cleaned, including all other equipment that clients may or may not come in contact with.  As for our personal sanitation and hygiene, we wash our hands two times per each client (before each massage and after the massage for each client).